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Trusted by the best healthcare professionals for medical displays around the globe.


Diagnostic Equipment, Monitor Devices, Ultrasound Imaging

You are in the business of saving lives and E3 Displays is in the business of making sure you have the necessary tools to do so. You need displays that are reliable and can withstand operating room or ICU demands 24/7. E3 medical displays can help improve performance, accuracy and efficiency. Our innovative solutions provide impact resistance and safety enhancements to deliver the best patient care. All of our displays are designed for longevity and provide high reliability touch screens for all medical use cases. Our elite team will supply you with high performance display solutions made for helping you be a hero and can be easily integrated into an existing application or we can aid in the design of a completely new concept. E3 Displays is trusted by the most elite medical professionals around the world.

Primary Applications

Patient Monitor Displays
We create modules that have the ability to be installed into various Medical systems including but not limited to…
  • Operating Room Control Systems
  • Medical Tablet PCs
  • Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Endoscopy Monitors
x-rays display solution
  • X-Ray Systems
  • Ultrasound and Sectional Imaging Systems
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Medical Scales

Features of Medical Device Displays

Display companies that specialize in one particular industry often don’t offer complete customization and provide limited enhancements. We offer all of our enhancements and displays in every industry that we operate in. Your display will be designed based on your required demands  while also maintaining industry standards. The following features are what makes E3 medical displays unique.

E3 takes pride in upkeeping with the standards of its ISO 13485. The ISO 13485 certification deals with the quality management of medical devices. This involves the device’s production, installation, and constant maintenance throughout its projected lifespan. In any medical emergency, it is paramount that you have devices that will support you to their best ability and that your can rely on to never fail.

    • Optical bonding 
    • Optical enhancements (anti-glare, anti-reflection, etc.)
    • Color and brightness consistency for the life of the product 
    • Wash down capable
    • High reliability touch screens for ALL medical use cases
    • Impact resistance and safety enhancements
heath industrial solutions by e3 display

Why Choose E3 Displays

With over 20 years of combined experience, E3 Displays has been trusted by elite medical professionals to fulfill the unique requirements of medical display solutions. We offer innovative solutions that will help improve work flow and change the focus from operations to patient care. We offer solutions that can integrate with existing systems or we can create entirely new system solutions. With our custom adhesives and laminations, your medical displays will be easier to read, are operating room friendly and reliable when you need it most. 

Case Study: Medical


A global manufacturer of products that manages environmental conditions in medical facilities required a display solution that met a robust set of specifications, included custom metal and plastic housings, the integration of a custom computing module, manufactured in facility with the appropriate medical manufacturing qualifications, quality process and maximum engineering knowledge.


Case Study: Medical


A global manufacturer of products that manages environmental conditions in medical facilities required a display solution that met a robust set of specifications, included…

Oxygen Meter
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