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Protected displays in the harshest weather conditions.


TFT & MLCD Displays

In extreme heat conditions, a display can turn dim or go to total black and if left in such conditions for extended periods, which may cause permanent damage to the display. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions for applications requiring the use of a display in extreme environmental conditions.  Original LCD manufacturers offer displays with wider operating temperature ranges, as much as -40c to 85c thru the use of specialty liquid crystal and other key materials. Additionally, E3 Displays overcomes these challenges through the use of applied heating and cooling solutions.

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Our E3 team has expertise in every type of display technology, whether big or small. We will help you choose or design the display that best fits your needs, while always keeping quality and budget in mind. Here at E3 Displays, we specialize in custom displays use our product selection guide today to get started on your project today!

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Temperature Management

In high temperature settings or without proper heat dissipation, glowmarks or other visual defects can occur, therefore lowering the overall image and display quality. E3 Displays can add enhancements to wide temperature displays without the need for internal fans that are noisy and create unnecessary bulk. The right enhancements can help maintain proper airflow and can be designed with built in temperature sensors from the manufacturer. This eliminates the need for internal fans, extends the LED half life, decreases the overall power consumption of the display, and prevents visual defects.

Additional Enhancements

In cooler climates, the LCD fluid will slow down and change the response time of the display. We can install transparent heater films through an optical bonding process to maintain a sleek and modern display, as well as maintain display response time. The display heater will become active when the built in sensor detects a pre-set ambient temperature. This will protect the display from becoming overheated and conserve display power. We also work with you to ensure your display is in a proper enclosure that will retain the heat generated to prevent battery drainage. E3 enhancements to wide temperature displays can operate in the most rugged environments, maintain battery life, and exceed aesthetic standards.

Benefits of Wide Temperature Displays

Multi-Touch Capabilities

Enabling your viewers to interact with your displays is the next step in showcasing your message and strengthening your impact. E3 can enhance wide temperature displays to have multi touch interactive capabilities to transition from a purely visual experience to an interactive dynamic user experience.

Full Definition Up to 4K Resolution

Your display is an investment into the future of your business and should never be just satisfactory. E3 enhancements are nothing short of high quality and improves the visual performance of your display so you stand out from your competition.

Extended Wide Temperature Option

Heat dissipation is the key to measuring display performance. The heat generated by the operation of the display is dissipated through optical material and is not blocked by insulating air layers. By filling the insulating air gap between the components, heat can be transferred to the outside environment.

All Light Readability

Displays that are not enhanced for the right environment can cause strain in the viewers eyes. E3 Displays can assist in selecting the best display solution and enhance it up to 2500 nits for the brightest viewing environments, as well as lower nit displays for indoor viewing to create the best viewer experience.

Professional Commercial Grade Options

E3 will enhance your displays so that they can withstand the toughest requirements. Allowing you to focus on what you do best, providing high quality customer service.

Up to 24/7 Usage

Never miss the eyes of potential customers. With an all light readable displays, it can work around the clock attracting customers.

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