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Manufacturing Facilities, Testing, Work Tablets 

E3 Displays provides a wide range of durable industrial solutions capable of serving demanding applications such as oil and gas. Our valuable industry-leading touch screens are tailored to specific performance and cost targets. E3 touch screens are designed to be lightweight and durable to withstand rugged environments and the demands of the industrial industry. E3 industrial displays are reliable, durable, and powerful. Our elite team will supply you with high performance display solutions made for today’s busiest work environments, that can be easily integrated into an existing application or we can aid in the design of a completely new concept.

Primary Applications

We create modules that have the ability to be installed into various Industrial systems including but not limited to…
  • Test and Measurement Displays
  • Precision Inspection Systems
  • Panel PCs
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Order Confirmation Systems
  • Food Warmers
  • Ovens and Fryers
  • Law Enforcement Tablets

Industrial Display Features

Display companies that specialize in one particular industry often don’t offer complete customization and provide limited enhancements. We offer all of our enhancements and displays in every industry that we operate in. Your display will be designed based on your needs and desires while also maintaining industry standards. The following features are what makes E3 industrial displays unique.

High-Performance Solutions for Harsh Industrial Environments

    • Display customization from the cell to module level
    • Touch screens tailored to specific performance and cost targets 
    • Cost effective semi-custom solutions 
    • Optical bonding 
    • EMI shielding 
    • High attenuation, high transmission 
    • Wide temperature and humidity range solutions
    • Optical enhancements (anti-glare, anti-reflection, etc.) 
    • High efficiency high bright displays

Why Choose E3 Displays for Industrial?

At E3 Displays, we firmly believe in the idea of a product enhancing productivity. E3 Displays is knowledgeable in all industry protocols and has decades of experience in successfully creating industrial grade display solutions. Our industrial screens are customized to withstand the most extreme and common factory conditions, and our reputation for doing so has made us a leading supplier for industrial automation equipment. Operating out of our own brick and mortar production facility, we understand the discipline in equipment needed to create the highest quality devices to benefit your business.

Case Study: Industrial

Case Study: Industrial


A manufacturer of high end tablet computers for in-cab law enforcement, fire truck and ambulance applications required a LCD module and touch panel solution that was durable and robust enough to withstand the effects of high…

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