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Case Studies


The E3 Displays Difference:

High performance and dependability is needed from industrial displays. E3 provides solutions that give you peace of mind during the busiest work environments. With over 20 years of combined experience in display technology, E3 Displays has everything you need to develop and manufacture your custom touch display all in one place. With customer-centric solutions featuring strategic planning, competitive pricing, longevity and support, we ensure the best products on the market to help you scale. This case study will help provide valuable insights as to how we help you from start to finish.


A manufacturer of high end tablet computers for in-cab law enforcement, fire truck and ambulance applications required an LCD module and touch panel solution that was durable and robust enough to withstand the effects of high ambient light, wide ambient temperature swings and users with wet fingers and heavy gloves using the touch panel. They requested customer flex type cables and sub-assembly of the LCD/touch solution into their chassis.

Design and Fabrication That Perform.


The optical and user interface requirement was challenging enough. The biggest challenge was the requirement to design an industrial long-life LCD and touch solution that could meet the described use case but also as light and thin as possible for tablet applications.

The Result:

E3D engineering designed a low power high brightness backlight system for a slim profile industrial type LCD module. Our touch panel factory team designed a touch panel solution with a robust touch controller IC and developed firmware that enabled best touch performance in the customers applications.

To keep the assembly as thin and light as possible, a super thin lightweight touch panel cover lens using high durability materials was used to maintain a required level of ruggedization. An optical bond of the LCD and touch sensor help maintain all light viewability and adds a degree of durability. E3 Displays provided custom flex circuit cables and assembled our LCD and Touch solution into the customers chassis to IP67 specifications. Our solution meets all mechanical and optical requirements for the customer’s application.

Through the process our E3 team was able to provide a complete custom solution and deliver the product on time and within the project budget. Furthermore, our client success means our success and that’s why we have been able to establish and maintain multiple long-lasting relationships within the industrial industry.

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