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Memory In Pixel Displays: Ultra-Low Power for Wearables and Small-Screens


Memory LCD, Memory In Pixel

Even with the smallest displays, your customers demand a lot out of your user interface. The more usage and demand of your displays could mean a lot of extra power and limited options. MLCDs (Memory LCD Display) consume very little power and live up to your customers and product demands. MLCDs are the perfect solution for any compact handheld device, wearable, and other small-screen applications, especially in the realm of touch screen technology. These MLCDs deliver high-contrast and high-resolution content with ultra-low power consumption to ensure an “always-on” display (only using a single supply voltage is required), even when updating images.

These innovative lightweight two-glass designed memory in pixel displays, paired with an integrated driver provides an exceptionally thin module profile. Incorporating these low power displays into any design can be simple, which can help you achieve your perfect display solution faster. This helps designers create products with exceptionally long battery life.

The response time of these Memory displays are fast enough to display motion video with bold crisp black images delivered onto a small display.

  • Low Power Memory LCD Technology
  • 256 color, monochrome, round options
  • E3 Provides touch and bonding services

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Applications Examples

Parking Meter

Bike Computer

Types of Memory Displays

E-Paper, also known as electrophoretic display or e-ink, has proven to be one of the most unique display technology to date. Each E-Paper display is filled with microscopic capsules with different charges to display a wide array of colors (also comes in monochrome). When electrical charges interact with these capsules, it is able to portray and change the display image. The images being displayed with E-Paper are almost always stationary and never moving. What separates E-Paper from any other display lies within its own name. Every image is stationary and the way the electronic charges portray the image, the technology almost resonates to appear as if its physical paper. It has no change in brightness or fading in any light; even in direct sunlight, words on e-paper are still fully readable. Furthermore, E-Paper is bistable meaning it only has two states of power; active or inactive. once an image is projected on E-Paper, it will cease to consume power on the device until you decide to change the image once more. 

Memory Display

Benefits of Memory LCD

Lightweight Design

Memory in pixel display is a much lighter display that is easier to handle and transport. MLCD glass cover is thinner and supported by a layer of hardened adhesive, which significantly reduces the total display weight, without sacrificing durability.

Ultra Low Power Consumption

As a memory LCD display manufacturer, We took the focus away from the technology and redirected it towards your goals. Because memory LCDs do not need data refresh for most information and are reflective, battery power is not being drained on display operation. MLCDs have optimum battery life and continuous reliability for extended use so you’re not limited by the potential of your tools.  

Superior Display Quality 

Memory LCD display can be seen by everyone, everywhere. Memory in pixel displays’ ability to store information as it is written enhances the overall resolution and contrast and improves the clarity and view-ability of onscreen content. MLCD displays or screens also have an uninterrupted, symmetrical, 170° × 170°, viewing angle in almost all weather conditions, at any time of the day or night providing a nearly unrestricted and versatile viewing experience.  

Efficient Image Refresh

A lot can happen in just a couple  of seconds, which is why it is important to have an ultra low power display that is just as fast as the environment around it. MLCDs have faster refresh times for still images and scrolling letters while preventing ghosting, therefore, providing a more efficient user experience and increasing battery longevity. 

Shock / Vibration Resistant 

Optical Bonding is an effective means of improving resistance to shake and shock environments – a benefit especially useful in harsh military and transportation environments. E3 optical bonding not only improves the strength of the display (shock and vibration of up to 1.5 – 2 G)  but the visual quality as well. 

Simple Interfacing

There’s no need to design a completely new and complex display unit. With a simple 3 wire interface and single power supply, an MLCD displays can be easily incorporated into any design. 

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