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Display solutions available in unique shapes or sizes.


TFT & MLCD Displays

Specialty size and format displays emerged for unique use cases and applications. E3 Displays can enhance very wide (X) but very short (Y) Bar Type or stretched displays that are available up to 50”. Bar Type displays are a unique aspect ratio that can catch the viewer’s attention more than traditional square type displays. E3 Displays specializes in customization which is why we will work side by side with you on the perfect size, resolution, and shape that fulfill your goals. Choosing an E3 specialty format display will allow you to create an unmatched and unique viewer experience.

Our Experienced Team is Ready to Help

Our E3 team has expertise in every type of display technology, whether big or small. We will help you choose or design the display that best fits your needs, while always keeping quality and budget in mind. Here at E3 Displays, we specialize in custom displays use our product selection guide today to get started on your project today!

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Maximizing Advertising Real Estate Space

Have you ever thought about how much unused potential and often expense advertising space you have? Small and narrow spaces near entrances, on shelves, and ceilings are all being overlooked. These areas can display high value information and advertising for your customers that can either influence them to return, buy more, or tell their friends. E3 can enhance your specialty format displays to help maximize your space and profit potential by filling the gaps that are walked by every day in high traffic areas. 

Benefits of Specialty Format Displays

Wide and Bar Type Available

There is never a one size fits all display. E3 can enhance wide and bar type specialty displays made for you and your goals so you can have highly efficient and cost effective tools.

Full Definition Up to 4K Resolution

Your display is an investment into the future of your business and should never be just satisfactory. E3 enhancements are nothing short of high quality and improves the visual performance of your display so you stand out from your competition. 

Multi-Touch Capabilities

Enabling your viewers to interact with your displays is the next step in showcasing your message and strengthening your impact. E3 can enhance specialty format displays to have multi touch interactive capabilities to transition from a purely visual experience to an interactive dynamic user experience.

Ultra Wide Stretch Option

Adaptability to space is important in identifying a high quality display. E3 can enhance your ultra wide stretch displays to create unique displays that cannot fulfill their purpose with standard sizing.

Outdoor Solutions Available

Displays that are created without outdoor capabilities can deteriorate quickly in environmental elements. E3 helps enhance your displays to withstand the toughest elements with custom optical bonding adhesive that strengthens the display and improves clarity and visibility in sunlight.

Up to 24/7 Usage

Never miss the eyes of potential customers. Large format displays can work around the clock attracting customers.

Our Experienced Team is Ready to Help

Our E3 team has expertise in every type of display technology, whether big or small. Once we evaluate your project, we will help you choose the display that best fits your needs, while always keeping quality and budget in mind. We are always looking for partners and people to help us achieve these objectives.  Reach out to us today!

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