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Case Studies


The E3 Displays Difference:

Medical environments need displays with high performance and diagnostics accuracy. Here at E3 we provide solutions that help doctors and medical staff alike perform their best with patient health on the line. With over 20 years of combined experience in display technology, E3 Displays has everything you need to develop and manufacture your custom touch display all in one place. With customer-centric solutions featuring strategic planning, competitive pricing, longevity and support, we ensure the best products on the market to help you scale. This case study will help provide valuable insights as to how we help you from start to finish.


A global manufacturer of products that manages environmental conditions in medical facilities required a display solution that met a robust set of specifications, including custom metal and plastic housings, the integration of a custom computing module and to be manufactured in a facility with the appropriate medical manufacturing qualifications, quality process and maximum engineering knowledge.

Design and Fabrication that Performs.


The highest level of quality, tight level of manufacturing processes and supply chain control were required along with an ability to support and produce a product that would pass medical market segment requirements. Balancing these requirements as well as component longevity against price targets added to the overall challenge.

The Result:

Our engineering team developed a display solution with the required optical specifications and custom touch panel features. Working with the customer a custom chassis and computing solution was designed that led to a complete single part number all in one solution. We co-designed stringent testing and packaging practices and the required supply chain and price point were met through the study of component partners and manufacturing processes.

Through the process our team was able to provide a custom solution, deliver the product on time and within the project budget. Furthermore, our client success means our success and that’s why we have been able to establish and maintain multiple long-lasting relationships within the medical industry.

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