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Display solutions that ensure your journey is safe and dependable.


Simulation Equipment, Cockpit Instruments, Entertainment Systems

E3 Displays offers industry-leading visualization and display technology that help pilot awareness, even during the most severe conditions. Our scalable product with print free, anti-reflection, high altitude, inflammable and shatterproof display solutions are designed to provide the most safe and unique aircraft experience. Our elite team will supply you with high performance display solutions made for more efficient flying that can be easily integrated into an existing application or we can aid in the design of a completely new concept.

Features of Avionics Industry

Display companies that specialize in one particular industry often don’t offer complete customization and provide limited enhancements. We offer all of our enhancements and displays in every industry that we operate in. Your display will be designed based on your needs and desires while also maintaining industry standards. The following features are what makes E3 avionics displays unique.

High-Performance Solutions for Avionic Environments

  • Optical bonding
  • Optical enhancements (anti-glare, anti-reflection, etc.)
  • Color and brightness consistency for the life of the product
  • NVIS (Mil-STD-3009)
  • High efficiency high bright displays
  • Wide range dimming solutions
  • EMI shielding
  • High attenuation
  • High transmission
  • High reliability touch screens
  • Wide temperature and humidity range solutions
  • Component potting and vibration mitigation
  • Mechanical integration to avoid compass interference
  • Zone 1 assembly compliance
  • Product availability for the life of your product
Cockpit Instruments Displays
Special mission solutions
AV Automation Controls
Simulation Equipment
Cockpit Instruments
displays solution
In flight cabin entertainment
Cabin management systems
Maintenance systems
KNGMG E3 Avionics Photo Scaled

Why Choose E3 Displays for Avionics?

For over 20 years, E3 Displays team members have designed and produced mission critical displays for military and commercial aircraft. Leveraging a heritage born out of Honeywell Avionics, E3 Displays improves fingerprint-free and anti-reflection displays in business and general aviation applications. We are constantly working on the optimization for improved visuals by minimizing fingerprints and smudges on your displays. We will work with you in designing the display solution that will fit all of your needs and also be extremely cost effective. In addition, all of our display solutions are designed considering all safety and operational information that is relayed to passengers and pilots.


At E3 we are proudly AS9100D compliant. The AS9100D is the primary standard in quality systems management to work in the aerospace industry. Every major airline as well as government programs like NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense are required to keep up with AS9100D standards. These standards are to ensure that all aircraft and aircraft material are up to date as being the safest caliber possible.

High performance specified LCDs with very high brightness and contrast ratios, wide viewing cones, long backlight life, wide temperature ranges

Custom PCAP Touch Panels with support for sunlight readability, heavy glove use and liquid splash false touch resistance

EMI/RFI reduction solutions

Optical Bonding of LCD and Touch panels and lenses

Specialty chassis, enclosures and computing modules, single part # integrated solutions

Reliability and Support Focus on high quality display solutions with the longest availability without change

Entertainment Display

Case Study: Avionics


An Avionics supplier collaborated with E3 Displays to finalize (2) new enhanced display assembly designs that would be used in a flight instrument system.  The assemblies would be used for…

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