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Industrial designer

Industrial design is an important aspect of the development of a product. An industrial designer is a professional who designs products and services either as concepts or for launch and manufacture. This is critical to getting a product precisely as envisioned by the company, ensuring the product is designed with achievable functionality and meets consumer aesthetic demands. Touch panels and LCD displays are complex components and despite how commonplace they have become, working them into product designs is not as straightforward as it might initially seem.

For instance, adding an LCD touch panel to a device or machine without regard for the peculiarities of the display can be problematic. Each electronic component emits radio frequencies that can interfere with other components’ operations. Radiofrequency interference can put a display at risk for data breaches, display interruptions, delays in WiFi connection, and much more. EMI protection methods can add thickness to the display that is oftentimes not accounted for in the design process. Partnering with our team can enable the smooth integration of display enhancements with your design that will allow your client’s product to get to market faster. 

Designing a display alongside the display module will also increase the speed to market. There are many options for customization a customer can choose from when building a custom display; including, brightness, resolution, size, temperature management, type of display based on the environment, and much more. When an industrial designer and display manufacturer works side by side, the product can enter the manufacturing process as soon as the design process is complete. Now that you know the importance of working with a display manufacturer during the design process, here are the benefits of choosing E3 Displays.

The Benefits of Working with E3 Displays for Industrial Design

There is a lot to gain when an industrial designer works with E3 Displays in developing and manufacturing a product. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in streamlining the manufacturing process. The designs developed while partnered can be sent to the manufacturing team without delay and any clarifications can be made immediately, making the development process a highly efficient one. The following are some of the benefits that can be afforded by such a relationship between an industrial designer and our innovative team:

Products can be appropriately customized:

Depending on the environment in which some of these machines or pieces of equipment are used, there are many features that can be incorporated into their displays to provide the best user experience. For example, with commercial displays in a restaurant kitchen or a fast food place, there is a high chance of the touch panel being operated with wet or oily fingers. Oleophobic or hydrophobic coatings can help to reduce the effect that oily or wet fingers can have on utilizing the display. Another example can be the use of a plastic or acrylic cover lens as opposed to glass on the display for an ATM. The public location of an ATM can predispose it to vandalism or breaking and replacing a glass cover lens is a more expensive process. By collaborating with us in providing your clients with high-quality products with great display functionality, you will be providing your customer with a better end product. 

Lower manufacturing costs can be achieved: 

There are multiple avenues by which manufacturing costs can be lowered when working with a design and manufacturing team skilled in display production. As mentioned above, customization is one area that can be taken advantage of to work towards manufacturing a product with appropriate display features. While customization allows the easy addition of features, it also allows for the removal of unneeded ones. Pre-built touch panels may have components that don’t add to the user experience and may not be needed for your specific display. If removed, the product could end up lighter or more efficient in its workings. 

Removing these aspects of the display module also lowers the manufacturing cost which helps in providing the customer with a product that has better value and performs more efficiently. A company that specializes in the manufacturing of displays will have access to manufacturing equipment and processes that allow for the production of consistently high-quality displays. The designers and workers involved will also expand their skillset and knowledge through exposure to modern display design and manufacturing techniques. These factors together make it much easier for a company to get high-quality touch panels produced fast, effectively, and without errors. This enables the product to get to market quicker and with more value to the consumer.

The proximity of the design team and the manufacturing team allows for more efficient work: 

The processes involved in manufacturing a display have multiple segments. These segments of development usually each have a team behind them; such as design, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The design team is responsible for conceptualizing and putting the product’s design and specifications to paper, and the manufacturing team translates these designs into an actual product. However, there is a lot that can go wrong during the communication process. When the design team and manufacturing team reside within the same building, it allows for more seamless production. The manufacturing team can immediately contact the design team for modifications in design in the presence of any problems during manufacture.

Working with an experienced team allows for the development of more refined and improved designs

While an industrial designer conceptualizes their product that has a screen incorporated, our collaborative efforts can ensure that the display of the best quality and durability. It may be beneficial for industrial designers to seek perspective from the display engineers and designers in order to create a product that will optimally perform. This simply comes with experience in manufacturing displays and continuously allows for the production of high-quality products. Our team of designers will be able to collaborate with you to optimize the display elements of your existing design and provide the user with an improved experience.

The time it will take to get the product to market will be reduced:

There’s essentially no industry where competition isn’t a major aspect. It is important for manufacturers to be able to design, manufacture, and get their products to consumers as fast and efficiently as they possibly can. This allows them to get ahead of the competition to position themselves in front of customers first. By having an industrial designer work together with our team, there can be a perfectly-optimized division of labor. This means that the process of development will be appropriately segmented into tasks that can be completed by the individual most skilled at that said task. This allows for professional streamlined design and manufacturing that will ultimately find its way faster to market than competitors.

Why Should You Partner with E3 Displays to Develop Your Product?

As an industrial designer, you are tasked with turning the mere idea of a product into a design that makes sense both aesthetically and functionally. We want to help you deliver exceptional products to your customers. When needing a customized display for your device, it is important to take advantage of all the benefits that designing and manufacturing with E3 Displays brings along.

 The end result is you will get an improved and more streamlined design. Your product will arrive on the market the fastest. There will be effective communication between teams of designers and workers and a reduction in the costs for manufacturing per unit for the bottom line. All these come together to improve the value of the product to consumers and to maintain profit for the industrial designer’s company. As an industrial designer, there is no need to worry any longer about how you’ll fit a display into your company’s newest product. Working with E3 Displays ensures that the display in your next product or concept will provide optimum value for your customers. 

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