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“From 3D printing and biomaterials to robotics and digital health, MD&M West is the largest MedTech expo for suppliers and buyers to discover innovation, engineer new technology, and build life-changing medical devices” (MD&M West). The world is opening up again, which means trade shows are coming back! The Medical Device and Manufacturing (MD&M) West will be held once again in Anaheim, California, August 10-12. MD&M West will showcase the latest medical products, technology, and solutions from more than 1,400 suppliers. Event-goers will also have the opportunity to gain exclusive access to eight different tracks discussing MedTech topics like digital health and IVD product development, regulatory & quality compliance, 3D printing, smart manufacturing, and view on-demand conference content. In total, this event will bring together 70 countries and 13,000 attendees all on a 300,000 square foot show floor. 

According to Forbes magazine, although digital trade show attendee engagement was inferior to live events, many companies’ sales were unaffected by their absence from trade shows during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that does not mean the return of trade shows will be deemed invaluable. Forbes magazine also said, “Trade show participation drives sales in three ways: continued sales to existing customers, sales to new buyers dissatisfied with their current providers, and buyers attracted to a new offering.” Besides creating various sales opportunities, MD&M West can also provide the following benefits:

  •           – An opportunity to meet with multiple clients face-to-face, some for the first time in over a year 
  •           – An opportunity to hear from experts about new and evolving medical technology in order to improve on existing products and practices 
  •           – Connecting with medical manufacturers and suppliers to increase efficiency and become more competitive in your industry 
  •           – Show off new products (including updates of old products) to buyers who may be unaware of the value, purpose, or product itself.

MD&M West will bring together buyers, engineers, and manufacturers that can network and share ideas on innovative solutions for medical devices. E3D will be able to share its value when it comes to electronic displays with attendees. Electronic displays for medical devices play an integral part in displaying vital information for doctors, nurses, and patients while helping save patient lives and improve recovery times. 

For example, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical ventilators were in high demand and were being relied on to help millions of people across the world. Most modern ventilators contain an LCD display for patient vitals and ventilator controls. TFT LCDs helped accurately display information so medical teams could make informed decisions regarding patient care. They helped increase medical team efficiency and save space in already crowded ERs and ICUs. TFT displays also allow ventilators to be more hygienic due to their flush design and elimination of buttons and dials where bacteria could harbor. 

There are numerous ways innovative displays are transforming the healthcare industry. E3D medical displays can help improve performance, accuracy, and efficiency. Our innovative solutions provide impact resistance and safety enhancements to deliver the best patient care. All of our displays are designed for longevity and provide high-reliability touch screens for all medical use cases. Our elite team will assist in developing a high-performance display solution that can easily integrate into an existing application or we can aid in the design of a completely new concept.

Start planning your MD&M West Experience now by using the MD&M West MyShowPlanner to schedule out what educational sessions or keynote speakers you would like to see. The conference will be hosting 165 different executives from around the world from some of the most well-known medical and engineering companies. While you’re planning your conference schedule make sure to schedule a one-on-one, in-person, meeting with E3 Displays Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Rob Tomasek. 

If you have any questions about E3 Displays and the value they can provide your company, please contact Rob through LinkedIn to schedule a meet at the event. Rob loves networking with others and would like to see how his resources and connections can add value to you and your business. 

MD&M West will be a great kickoff to the technology expos post-COVID. Many businesses will benefit from the event itself as well as the opportunities that come with industry conferences. COVID-19 will still be at the forefront of people’s minds and many safety measures will be in place that allows people to connect and network safely. E3 Displays will bring high value and extensive experience in the medical display space. 

Although trade shows are coming back, MD&M West still understands the importance of COVID-19 safety. MD&M West is partnered with Informa AllSecure to provide everyone with reassurance and confidence that they are participating in a safe and controlled environment. Some of the safety measures MD&M has put in place include:

  •           – Face coverings (*may be required)
  •           – Temperature Screenings 
  •           – Increased Medical Staff
  •           – Additional Hand Sanitizing Stations 
  •           – Contactless Registration 
  •           – Increased Convention Center Cleaning 
  •           – Maintain Density of Participants
  •           – Food and Beverage vendor safety 
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