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Assisting you from idea to full scale production. 


Our Team

The people who make things happen in our company and who believe and build the future.

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Identify, Design, Develop, Enhance, and Manufacture

E3 Displays offers design solutions for customers that may have specific LCD needs, or those who have a project involving an LCD and need to integrate it into a specific application. E3 Displays delivers high performance displays to all of our customers with high levels of engagement from the beginning to the end of your project.

When it comes to manufacturing a display solution, we offer design solutions for any type of need. Whether you need a display designed to fit specific LCD standards, or have a project involving an LCD and need to integrate it into a specific application, E3 can and will deliver.

All of E3’s departments work together on the electrical, mechanical, production and logistical segments of your design to develop a beautiful end product. We do this by providing proof if concepts kits, samples, or development prototype kits upon request. In any project that you decide to take us up our services, rest assured you will be in on its design details from the conception of the first blueprint, to the very first model, all the way through its distribution.

What Design Services include:

CAD (computer aid-design) Drawings
Specification Definition
Creating BOM (Bill of Materials)


An Entire Team Dedicated to Your Unique Needs

We are united by our shared passion for solutions that advance the innovation of displays, while our diverse perspectives allow us to solve problems and uncover opportunities.

Mike Romag

Sales & Business Development

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Mike Schreiber

Sales & Business Development
New York

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