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Case Studies


The E3 Displays Difference:

Gaming displays are meant to engage and enhance the consumer experience. E3 provides attractive, high brightness ,durable displays that are meant for constant gaming action. With over 20 years of combined experience in display technology, E3 has everything you need to develop and manufacture your custom touch display all in one place. With customer-centric solutions featuring strategic planning, competitive pricing, longevity and support, we ensure the best products on the market to help you scale. This case study will help provide valuable insights as to how we help you from start to finish.


A major player in the electronic table gaming industry, was in the market for several automated multi-player gaming systems. Each system needed multiple player stations, enabled with full multi-touch capability. Our customer wanted to develop an innovative, large format, 100 finger touch enabled gaming platform.

Design and Fabrication That Performs.


Custom builds will always present their fair share of challenges. After identifying the customer’s goals we then had to strategically plan and prepare for the cost and logistics of handling, shipping and bonding large format glass materials and then fully assemble the touch panels. The E3 Displays Team has plenty of experience meeting these challenges.

Next we needed to create a solution for up to 10 players, each requiring full multi-touch functions, a robust controller and properly tuned firmware that supports 100 discrete touches at a time.

The next challenge was to produce a custom large format player surface. The solution needed to have custom design, custom color masking, subject to liquid spills, impact and abrasion that doubles as the front surface of the touch sensor system. 

The cost-effective optical bonding of a large format touch sensor to an equally large sized glass solution and the logistics of getting a solution to its destination was an enormous challenge and win for our team and our customer.

The Result:

Working with multiple manufacturers of large format touch film, E3D engineers settled on two sources and mating touch sensor controllers that fit this application. We then focused on the touch glass/player surface. After thorough testing by E3D and our customer, a 6mm tempered, custom shaped and masked solution was created with etched anti-glare and anti-fingerprint characteristics.

With the custom glass cost effectively procured domestically, E3D engineering then created custom processes and tooling to enable the optical bonding of the touch sensor glass in our Phoenix Arizona facility with the final solution being a 4mm chemically strengthened glass. Custom robust wood crating was used to get our product to its global destinations undamaged because when it comes to execution and post purchase support E3 always delivers.

Through the process our E3 team was able to provide a custom solution, deliver the product on time and within the project budget. Furthermore, our client success means our success and that’s why we have been able to establish and maintain multiple long-lasting relationships within the gaming industry.

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