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Case Studies


The E3 Displays Difference:

A commercial display needs to be durable and long lasting to help your business thrive. At E3 we provide cutting edge technology to ensure your solution performs at its very best for years to come. With over 20 years of combined experience in display technology, E3 Displays has everything you need to develop and manufacture your custom touch display all in one place. With customer-centric solutions featuring strategic planning, competitive pricing, longevity and support, we ensure the best products on the market to help you scale. This case study will help provide valuable insights as to how we help you from start to finish.


A manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment for quick serve/fast food restaurants required an LCD and touch panel user interface assembly for harsh environments. The LCD module needed to have best in class optical features under high ambient light conditions, the user interface needed to perform in an environment of humidity, high ambient temperatures and users with gloves and other matter on their fingers.

Design and Fabrication That Performs.


The challenge was how to best deliver such an industrial robust solution, ensure a consistent user interface experience, while at a desired price point. Our team at E3 Displays was required to work with our OEM customer’s design team and contract manufacturer in Asia during the development cycle.

The Result:

We were able to leverage our volumes in the 7” LCD category and offered a high resolution, high contrast and brightness LCD with wide viewing angles. Our solution is designed into many projects, is well supported and available for many years. We coupled our LCD with a custom touch panel that met our customer’s mechanical design with a multi color mask and logo scheme and durable cover lens that was resistant to damage and fingerprints.

The solution required a two stage chassis design consisting of a plastic molded sub chassis and a stamped metal outer enclosure, both of which were co-designed with E3D engineering and manufactured in Asia where the final assembly was completed.

Through the process we were able to provide a complete custom solution and deliver the product on time and within the project budget. Our client success means our success and that’s why we have been able to establish and maintain multiple long-lasting relationships within the commercial industry.

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