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Adam Hofmann joined the E3 Displays team in 2011, shortly after graduating from Arizona
State University with a bachelor’s degree in Engineer with a primary focus in Mechanical
Systems and a minor in Business. Starting as a Mechanical Engineer at E3 Displays, Adam’s role has evolved to Product Development Manager, overseeing the Engineering Department and the evolution from early concept to full-scale production.

Coming to E3 Displays presented Adam with a unique opportunity to join a growing company
and learn from seasoned veterans in the industry. Working at E3 Displays has provided Adam
with unique challenges, opportunities to utilize a variety of skills, and work hands on with
product applications. Adam has gone through extended training in completing Six Sigma Green
Belt Certification to add to his skillset and contribute further to the Product Development Cycle
at E3 Displays.

Rob Tomasek


Dean joined E3 Displays in April 2019 as Vice President of Asia Operations. He has a BA Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Dayton and over 35 years of experience in Engineering at agricultural/industrial, automotive, aerospace, and hospital OEM Companies
Most recently Dean worked at PDi Communication Systems, Inc in Ohio where he was Director of Engineering leading a team of Engineers in New Product Development, Sustaining Engineering, and Field Service support
At E3 Displays Dean is responsible for all aspects of Asia operations and leads a team of Asia based Product and Quality team members. He and his team drive quality initiatives, manage the supply chain and projects to insure E3 Displays delivers quality product, on time and on budget.
“I chose to work at E3 for the opportunity to be a part of a company experiencing tremendous growth and success, contributing my experience to our growth goals, increasing the E3 name in terms of quality and reliability to the market. This is a good team environment to work in, and the opportunities for the growth of the company is ours to uncover” Dean says. Dean had lived in Ohio all his life, before joining E3. He, his wife and cat moved to Phoenix survived their first Phoenix summer of 2019! He enjoys the pool, playing golf, traveling and meeting the diverse people around the world.

Art Hill


As the Co-founder and Executive VP of E3 Displays, Rob has been involved in every facet of the business including Sales, Engineering, New Product Development, and Operations. After earning his Mechanical Engineering degree, Rob spent his early professional years designing displays and electronics packaging for avionics, military, and heavy industrial platforms. He also spent several years in the software industry – as a Sales and Applications Engineer for IC, PCB, and system-level electro- mechanical hardware design.
Currently, Rob spends much of his day working with the Operations team to fine-tune existing manufacturing and quality processes; develop and implement new tools and equipment; design automated equipment; interface with Engineering and Sales for new product designs and
manufacturability; and strengthen supplier relationships for long-term B2B collaboration. Rob also continues to work with customers in unique applications for the avionics and military industry. As an Executive Committee member of the LA SID Chapter, Rob helps direct the Chapter mission and organize quarterly/annual conferences sponsored by the LA Chapter and regional display-related businesses.

Dean Heyl


Prior to accepting the positions at E3 Displays, initially as VP Operations, later VP of Quality Systems and VP/GM of E3 Materials in February of 2010, I provided consulting services to E3 Innovations. The relationship between myself and the owners of E3 Displays has spanned close to 20 years, having worked together previously at Three-Five Systems in Phoenix where I was Global Director of Quality Systems from 1998 through 2008. During my tenure at Three-Five Systems, we ushered in the high- volume production of mobile phone displays in the 1990’s, including LCD fabrication (only US based LCD fab), surface mount technologies and associated material investigation and integration. As the demand for the cellular phones ramped-up, Three Five Systems opened several high-volume production sites in Mexico, Taiwan, Penang Malaysia, Beijing China and the Philippines as well as other acquisitions in Boston and Redmond Washington. Primary responsibilities included implementation of ISO at all sites, integration of Quality Systems, Document Control, Process Control as well as serving as Corporate QIT, SPC, and Six Sigma leader. Provided verification support to the team(s) involved with Acquisitions of 11 companies.
My involvement with displays initiated with REFAC Display Technologies in Connecticut from 1980 to the acquisition of REFAC by Three-Five Systems in 1998. At REFAC, I was the Director of Operations, managing the day to day Connecticut operations of various display technologies for the Military and Avionics systems. Managed and directly involved with technical transition from through hole component processing, to development of equipment and processes for discrete surface mount technologies, including die attach and wire bonding, reflow and custom display integration of discrete LED, LCD and Vacuum Fluorescents. Served as leader in both Supplier and Customer support activities and as co-manager of the Mexico and Taiwan facilities. Worked directly with the REFAC CEO and legal staff investigating Patent Infringements. Served in the US ARMY from Aug 1996 to April of 1971, primarily in Germany. Education includes BS Business Administration (Accounting minor). Other associate degrees/certifications included: Process Engineering, Digital Technology, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Six Sigma, ISO Lead Auditor, Agile implementor, SAP implementor and Sarbanes-Oxley auditor.

Adam Hoffman


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Pete Bonesio


Art joined E3 Displays in September 2019, and currently has over 33 years of experience in the
constantly changing procurement and material control realm. As Director of Global Procurement and Material Control, Art manages all of E3 Displays material procurement and inventory control activity across all business units around the globe. He is playing a key role in updating and streamlining our procurement and materials activities to better serve our customers.
Before coming to E3 Displays, Art was the Purchasing Agent at PDi Communication Systems, a
manufacturer of Health Care Infotainment devices, managing all materials for their manufacturing activities and new product development. While at PDi he successfully managed the materials flow for six major new product launches.
Art attended Wright State University majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Finance. Art has just recently joined the E3 Display team and is already excited about the level of dedication and teamwork exhibited among the very talented people involved in every aspect of the organization. He states: “the atmosphere of vitality and growth is very contagious.” It is a pleasure to work with such a talented group of people and I am looking forward to developing strong partnerships with our suppliers and customers.

Chuck Rahrig


Chuck, Co-Founded E3 Innovation, Inc. in 2001 along with E3 Displays LLC in 2007 and E3 Materials LLC in 2012. Chuck, as President, oversees all three E3 companies and has been in the technology field of Custom Display Systems and Custom Display Integration solutions for 40 years. His entrepreneurial drive to establish the E3 companies followed excellent technical, sales, quality, finance, and process experience in both high volume, low cost manufacturing, along with, high technology, avionics display systems manufacturing. His passion is for complete customer satisfaction for all E3 customers.

Prior to co-founding the E3 companies, Chuck was Vice President of Engineering and Program Management at Three-Five Systems, a Tempe, AZ based maker of custom Liquid Crystal Display Solutions for high volume programs, including cellular phone applications. Chuck was with Three Five Systems for 5 years, providing him with experience in low cost, high volume, offshore manufacturing along with sales and entrepreneur cultural experience.
Chuck started his career with Sperry Flight Systems (Acquired by Honeywell Inc. in 1985) in 1979 as an entry level engineer working on avionics display systems. His technical focus for most of his years at Sperry/Honeywell were within the display technologies field for avionics applications. Chuck spent 19 years with Sperry / Honeywell building his foundation of sound fundamental engineering, financial, quality and business processes. He progressed through various technical management positions including being the Engineering Product Manager and Department Manager for the 777 Integrated Displays Systems Hardware. Chuck was a recipient of Honeywell’s prestigious “Lund Award” for program performance in combination with personnel and organizational development.

Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering along with over 1000 hours of business and manufacturing financial training classes at his previous employment prior to the founding of the E3 companies.

Andrew Blum


Andrew joined E3 Displays in March 2018 and has over 25 years experience in the display technology industry. As E3 Displays VP of Business Development, Andrew develops, leads and manages the company’s sales and marketing strategies globally with a focus on creating partnerships with customers that solve problems and meet all objectives.
“We take a consultative approach with our customers. While delivering a great product competitively is priority, a well thought our engagement includes product and business risk mitigation strategies, product longevity, logistical and financial objective discussions” Andrew says. Prior to joining E3 Displays, Andrew was in Sales and Marketing leadership roles for other display solution providers and distributors where in each case he was instrumental in creating and driving successful channel and marketing strategies that enabled customer success and contributed to company growth.
Andrew says the E3 Displays culture of quality and service, US and Asia based engineering and multiple manufacturing location options create a customer value proposition that has resonated well in the market.

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